Sunday, January 11, 2015

Team Work

The concept of task forces is one of the most important concepts in the work of the organizations it is rare to find a world organization does not work by task forces, such as the organizations that use large teams:
General Electric, AT & T, Hewlett – Packard, Federal express, Saab

How do we explain the use of work teams in the prestigious organizations???

balanced scorecard

Innovation scorecard by Robert s. Kaplan and David my nortan in 1990 and represents a strategic planning and management system that is used extensively by the Treaty for the harmonization of business activities of the company with the vision and strategy as well as improving internal and external communications, and monitor the performance of the facility in Exchange for the strategic objectives, and help the scorecard management administrative processes following minute :


1. first record of a merchant accounting Phoenicians for the years 1436-1439

2. the first double-entry bookkeeping according to period between 1296-1305

3. the first formal closure of Phoenician trader between 1406-1432

science or art

More controversial question, what you see is in fact accounting science or art or science and art before answer must differentiate between what is not scientific and non-scientific and scientific.
Valla science is magic and myths, myths, astrology, etc., and non-science is the arts, religions, philosophy or science is:
1. knowledge of the realities of nature and how to control it.
2. way to think and search through the search method.
3. knowledge acquired based on sound reasoning and accurate observation is organized in a logical manner.